A communication plan refers to a road map that is aimed at passing messages to the audience. isedubirdiereliable The communication plan is an extremely vital tool when dealing with a novel product. hire writer edubirdie This is because it influences the public relations management, corporate affairs, human resources, and marketing. how to work for edubirdie Therefore, Blu E- Cig will spend adequate time planning the approach that will be used to ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved.


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A communication plan will be necessary to ensure the successful launch of Blu E- cigarette in the German (domestic) and https://www.yelp.com/biz/edubirdie-wilmington United Kingdom (universal) markets. online plagiarism checker edubirdie This paper aims at https://writeessaysonline.com/is-edubirdie-legit-three-different-perspectives/ discussing the principal factors in managing and developing a successful marketing communication plan, advertising and promotion programs that will be used, and technology trends that will assist in marketing the new product.

Key Factors in Managing and Developing an Effective Marketing Communications Plan

A marketing communication is one of the components of the marketing mix. edubirdie.com free It is imperative for the company to acquire knowledge on how personal selling, public relations, direct marketing, and advertising will be used to inform the potential customers about the product’s existence and the value it will bring to them (Kotler & Keller, 2006).

Moreover, the marketing department should be aware that the communication process has nine elements, which will be handled appropriately to ensure that the potential customers’ tendencies of recall, distortion, and selective attention are managed properly.

The first step towards the development of an effective communication plan will be having a clear goal why the plan is necessary. edubirdie free essay writing tools Measurement will also be carried out in the beginning. uk.edubirdie essays The marketing department will define what will be assessed and how this will be achieved.

The communication plan will be executed in a consistent and disciplined manner. essay writer birdie Moreover, the messages will be specific to the target market and appropriate for the various delivery channels.

Promotion and Advertising Programs

Blu E-cigarette will be advertised through the use of public relations and sales promotion. how much is edubirdie Sales promotion will involve a wide array of short- term enticement strategies. edubirdie.com essay company These will purpose at promoting the trade, markets, and the sales force at the company.


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More funds will be dedicated towards sales promotions. bird essay writer Strategic tools such as point-of-sale, demonstrations, displays, tie-in promotions, product warranties, free trials, patronage rewards, prizes, premiums, price packs, cash refund offers, coupons, and samples will be used (Kotler & Keller, 2006).

The internet will be used mostly when advertising the new product. is edubirdie illegal There will be the use of branded chat rooms, sponsored websites, advertorials, and banners. ca.edubirdie.com Moreover, print advertisements such as direct mail, newsletters, magazines, and newspapers (Bourlakis & Weightman, 2009).

Technology Trends

The company edubirdie will have a keen interest to understand the customers’ and competitors’ opinions regarding the new product. Therefore, the company will engage in communication through the use of Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, pod casts, newsgroups, search engine results, and blogs.

The company will use buzz monitoring tools such as Google Reader, YackTrack, Social Mention, YouTube, BoardReader, and Serph. Knowing these opinions is important since they influence customers’ behaviors and attitudes. Therefore, products will be fashioned to meet the clients’ needs.


To ensure that Blu E- cigarettes are marketed effectively in Germany and United Kingdom, several factors will be considered when managing and developing the communication plan. In addition, the company will use a wide array of marketing and promotion strategies. Technological trends will be vital in learning about the consumers’ behaviors and attitudes.


Bourlakis, M., & Weightman, P. (2009). Food Supply Chain Management . London: John Wiley & Sons.

Kotler, P., & Keller, K. edu birdie reviews L. (2006). Marketing management (12th ed.). New York: The University of Phoenix.


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